Flourish offers a wide range of services, from our Dine to Desk service – the streamlined delivery of incredible lunches, breakfasts, dinners and everything in between – through to the provision of exceptional reception, administrative, housekeeping and other support staff.

Operating within the highest standards of H&S accreditation, we work closely with our clients to put in place thorough Risk Assessment Monitoring Systems and bespoke CSR plans with clear KPIs throughout the contract.

Reducing risk by limiting the volumes of personnel visiting client premises, we consolidate the supply chain and maximise our offering within the onsite delivery constraints. The combination of a local production kitchen, innovative menus and a highly experienced logistics team tends to allow for us to remove 90% of client site deliveries relating to staff welfare.


Our conscientious team delivers high quality, environmentally responsible and nutritious all-day catering. Value is always a key requirement in everything we do. Working within clients’ budgets, we carefully design our menus to ensure we offer the best dishes at the best price.

Being mindful of the seasonality of ingredients also ensures our supply chain offers best value to our clients. Bringing out of season goods halfway across the globe is not a sustainable approach to menu design – for both the client and the planet.


Food is undeniably at the core of our business, however, at heart, we are absolutely people-focussed. We are immensely proud of our team – each individual has been selected due to their professionalism, conscientiousness and genuine warmth.

We can provide permanent or temporary staffing for a wide range of areas, including reception, administrative, housekeeping, meet & greet, and meetings/events.


With more than three decades at the forefront of the events industry as part of Blue Strawberry Group, our wider team are highly adept at creating exceptional events.

Whether you wish to celebrate the company’s 20th anniversary, hold a dynamic international conference or entertain key clients with an unforgettable private dining experience, Flourish’s sister companies are on hand to bring any brief to life.

We can assist with orchestrating all aspects of your event, from venue-finding and styling, to photography and entertainment and much more…


Flourish’s clientele comprise predominantly blue chip companies within the finance, legal and technology industries.

As a result of this dynamic culture and the prosperity of these sectors, high expectations are the norm. The discerning members of staff we serve often enjoy luxurious holidays and fine dining within Michelin Star restaurants in their leisure time.

With expectations of long working hours, our clients know they must provide the very best corporate environment experience in order to retain their talent base. Our Dine to Desk service ensures that the current situation doesn’t require employers to ask their teams to compromise on the high quality they expect.


Flourish operates nationally and internationally, with a head office based in London.