News April 2020

How to turn leftover chocolate into a delicious flourless and gluten-free cake!

If the Easter bunny has been a little too generous, you may be wondering what to do with all that leftover chocolate – especially if you can’t get hold of any flour at the moment…

Never fear – Molly (founder of Blue Strawberry) has come to the rescue with her favourite flour-free chocolate cake recipe!

Don’t be deceived by this rather imperfect looking cake – which looks a little like it has collapsed! It is so easy to make and is utterly delicious topped with any leftover treats you may have in the cupboard or fridge.

250g dark chocolate
125g softened unsalted butter
6 medium eggs – 4 with white/yolk separated and 2 whole
175g caster sugar
1 shot of good quality espresso – cooled to room temperature
1 tsp vanilla extract

125g dark chocolate
250ml double cream
Zest of one small orange
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
Decorations – whatever chocolate-friendly treats you may have!

To make the cake, preheat the oven to 180°C (160°C fan) and line the bottom of a springform cake tin (ideally around 23cm/9in) with baking paper.

Break up the chocolate into small chunks and then melt along with the butter. You can use a bain marie or do this in a microwave, then set the mixture aside to cool a little.

In a mixing bowl, whisk 4 egg whites until firm and then add 100g of the sugar gradually, whisking until the egg whites hold their shape and peak. Set the bowl aside.

Put 2 whole eggs and the remaining 4 yolks into another bowl, whisking together with the rest of the sugar, vanilla extract and the espresso. Then gently fold in the melted chocolate and butter.

Add in 3 or 4 large spoonfuls of egg whites, stirring after each addition and then place the mixture into the tin and bake for around 35 to 40 minutes (until the cake has risen and the centre looks set and has cracked).

Once baked, allow the cake to remain in the tin on a wire rack whist it cools. If you are watching the cake – don’t worry about what is happening – the middle is going to sink as the cake cools down and the sides will crack further. This is meant to happen!

Whilst the cake is cooling, start making the topping by melting the chocolate as before, and then leave it to cool down a little. Place the double cream in another bowl and whip until it becomes firmer (but not too stiff) and then add in the vanilla. Once the chocolate is luke warm, fold it into the cream mixture.

Once the cake has cooled, remove it from the tin and place on a stand or a plate. Again – don’t panic – little bits may fall off here and there, but you can just pop them back into place.

Finally, spoon the chocolate cream onto the top of the cake – filling the entire ‘crater’, and then top with the orange zest and any other delicious decorations you may wish to add! Enjoy!