As experts in workplace dining, incredible food is at the core of our business. We understand how vital it is for employees to feel valued and nurtured – and how offering an exciting range of high quality menus goes a long way to achieve this.

Working within clients’ budgets, we carefully design our menus to ensure we offer best value. Bringing out of season goods halfway across the globe is not a sustainable approach to menu design – for both the client and the planet.

Our all-day catering options include nutritionally balanced breakfasts, lunches, snacks and beverages which incorporate special dietary requirements and change on a daily basis. Regular menus are enhanced with popular restaurant in-house pop-ups, cultural themed days and other celebrations – contributing to an engaged and motivated workforce.


Our intelligent approach to menu design means that our chefs are ever mindful of nutrition, seasonality and the need to opt for sustainable and ethical food sources.

Inspired by the many flavours of the vibrant city we call home, our talented chef brigade ensure we keep abreast of latest trends and innovations, as demonstrated throughout our enticing multi-cultural menus.

London enjoys an exuberant global food scene, which is showcased weekly with our guest restaurant pop-ups. Society’s increased focus on food quality and provenance has created high expectations, particularly amongst our ‘foodie’ diners, and so naturally, this is reflected in all the workplace dining menus we deliver.

With variety being the ‘spice of life’, we always ensure that our seasonal menus feature an assortment of options. This regularly includes exploring themes – both with the food and the styling of service areas – inspired by calendar and topical events (appropriate to the location) such as Easter, company/team milestones or anniversaries, and events such as the Wimbledon tennis tournament, Halloween, etc.

Creating exciting and diverse dishes for those with special dietary requirements is a fundamental pre-requisite when designing our workplace dining menus. Whether diners require vegan, gluten-free or allergen-free based options, our resourceful chefs ensure that all staff members are treated equally and enjoy the same exceptional experience.