Our Sustainability Strategy includes ethical sourcing, biodegradable packaging, supply chain consolidation, carbon offsetting & tree planting. Minimising our impact on the planet is a key priority for Flourish and Blue Strawberry Group – as a team which comprises many parents, we know how vital it is to operate an environmentally conscious business.

Committed to only using the finest produce, our menus are designed with seasonality and responsible sourcing in mind. We make every effort to use only sustainable sources, purchasing from local suppliers to limit ‘food miles’. When we can find no alternative to using overseas items, we ensure that the produce has been fairly and ethically traded, using smaller local suppliers whenever possible.

Our workplace catering disposables are made from biodegradable plant-based materials that are composted with food waste after use.

Flourish is committed to supporting client sustainability strategies – reducing their carbon footprint by consolidating the supply chain and minimising deliveries within site-specific constraints. The combination of a local production kitchen, innovative menus and a highly experienced logistics team allows us to remove 90% of food deliveries to client sites.